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Quality Assurance


We take pride in our Quality Control team.


Experience Matters

With over  50+ years of quality control and inspection experience, we assure that our products have met the rigorous standards throughout the gear cutting and manufacturing industry.



Quality Control Tests

From raw materials to completed products, they are carefully checked, making sure they are within specifications. Samples are collected at several steps through the production process and are evaluated.

The Quality department monitors the quality of products and implements the quality policies. The quality group also serves in a problem-solving role.

The Quality Division performs several functions. In an auditing function, it helps ensure that our plant is using the best technology available and produce uniformly standard products. The group also assists in analytical and technical problem solving. The department establishes the quality practices that are carried out by the entire facility...



How Quality is Assured

Gerhardt Gear Co.'s manufacturing plant personnel are responsible for assuring that the company’s quality standards are met. Extensive use of total quality methods, by Gerhardt Gear Co. and many of its suppliers, contributes greatly to meeting these high standards.




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