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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all Gerhardt Gear Purchase Orders and Contracts, unless otherwise noted. Specific Gerhardt Gear Quality Assurance requirements (QAR) clauses apply when noted on the Purchase Order.

GTC001 Right of Entry – The Gerhardt Gears Customer Representative and or Government / Customer Representative has the right to enter the supplier’s facility at any time during the manufacturing of the product contracted for by this purchase order. This includes surveillance of the products and supplier’s systems, procedures and facilities. The supplier shall furnish, at no cost, necessary facilities and equipment, supply data, and perform tests as required by applicable drawings, specifications, and Inspection Instruction under surveillance of the Gerhardt Gear Supplier Representative. Suppliers are also required to flow down this requirement to their sub-tier suppliers.
GTC002 Quality System – The supplier shall maintain an inspection system that complies with MIL-I-45208 Inspection System Requirements, AS9100 or ISO9000 is acceptable to Gerhardt Gear.
GTC003 Calibration System – The supplier shall maintain a calibration system in accordance with MIL-STD45662, ANSIZ540.1, ISO10012-1or ISO10012-2. Quality Assurance Requirements for measuring equipment, Part 1: Metrological confirmation system for measuring equipment.
GTC004 Certification of Conformance – Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible and reproducible copy of a Certificate of Conformance certifying to the conformance of the product or service to the applicable requirements. The certificate shall identify the part or process name, the Gerhardt Gear Purchase Order Number, and the specification or drawing to which they conform to. In addition, the signature and tile of the authorized representative approving the information must be included.
GTC005 Acceptance – Of this order or the initiating of any process, or the furnishing of any product, or the acceptance payment, constitutes unconditional acceptance of the purchase order and it’s terms and conditions by the seller.
GTC006 Amendments – To this order, or Gerhardt Gear terms and condition shall be set forth in writing, via purchase order change notice, and/or revision to the purchase order terms and conditions. Gerhardt Gear will consider all sellers requests to modification of, or exception to, only if such request is made in writing, prior to the acceptance of the order.
GTC007 Price – As stated on this order covers all goods and services to be provided by the seller as specified in the order. These prices also cover all charges for packaging, containers, and transportation, unless specifically depicted otherwise on the face of the order.
GTC008 Shipment – Of goods and services under this order shall be F.O.B as set forth on the face of the order. Seller shall follow buyer’s instructions regarding method of shipment, except where buyer has so stated on the face of the order.
GTC009 Schedule – For delivery will be responsibility of the seller. The seller shall not be held liable for damages in respect to delivery delay due to causes beyond seller reasonable control. However, if the seller does not meet the delivery date as depicted on the face of the order. The buyer may approve a revised delivery schedule, or terminate the order without liability for such termination.
GTC010 Hazardous Material – Seller agrees to furnish the applicable material safety data (MSDS) sheet(s) with each shipment, for products designated by industry, state, or deferral agencies as hazardous material.
GTC011 Packaging and Protection – Of the product shipped shall be in accordance with the Gerhardt Gear Purchase Order or best commercial practice to protect product from damage and/or deterioration.
GTC012 Cancellation – Shall remain the right of the buyer and may be initiated at any time.


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

GTC013 Tooling / Gauges – When furnished by Gerhardt Gear shall be maintained indoors the seller is responsible to ensure adequate care is utilized within their facility, to maintain the tooling / Gauges in good condition. Any damages to this tooling / Gauges, while in the care of the seller shall be reported to the Gerhardt Gear buyer in writing. Gerhardt Gear shall disposition damaged tooling / gauges prior to further processing by the seller. Seller rework of Gerhardt Gear furnished tooling / Gauges shall be authorized in writing.
QAR100 Quality Assurance – The supplier shall comply with Gerhardt Gear quality system requirements as specified by the Gerhardt Gear Supplier Survey or purchase order. Supplier agrees to implement and maintain the Quality or inspection system during the performance of this contract. An authorized Certificate of Conformance is required with each shipment. Process Suppliers shall furnish a complete Certificate of Conformance with each shipment indicating the PO number, specification number and revision, name of supplier and quantities, accepted and rejected. Material suppliers shall furnish chemical /physical test report with each shipment along with original mill certification identifying the applicable specification and revision, actual chemical composition and physical properties, melt, heat, batch, or lot. Additional Gerhardt Gear Quality Requirements (QAR Clauses) apply when referenced by Gerhardt Gear Purchase Order. The supplier is not authorized to perform Material Review action for non-conforming material.
QAR101 Non-Conformance – Upon acceptance of a Gerhardt Gear Purchase Order, the supplier agrees that Gerhardt Gear is entitled to reimbursement of Gerhardt Gear labor and material costs associated with seller responsible non-conformances and damages. The supplier will have procedures that describe the identification, segregation, and disposition of nonconforming material and parts. Gerhardt Gear does not authorize the supplier’s MRB to disposition any parts supplied to Gerhardt Gear.
QAR102 Source Inspection (Visual/Mechanical) – All items specified by the purchase order are subject to inspection at the supplier’s facility by Gerhardt Gear quality personnel before shipment. The supplier shall provide no less than 48 hours advance notice to the Gerhardt Gear Buyer to permit scheduling of source inspection.
QAR103 Source Inspection (Test) – All items specified by the purchase order are subject to witnessing (by Gerhardt Gear quality personnel) of testing being performed by supplier personnel prior to shipment. The supplier shall provide not less than 48 hours advance notice to the Gerhardt Gear Buyer to permit scheduling of test witnessing.
QAR104 Source Inspection (Government) – The supplier on this purchase orders are subject to government inspection at the point of manufacture. Upon receipt of this purchase order, promptly furnish a copy to the government representative who normally services your plan or to the nearest army, Navy, or Air Force inspection office. If the representative or office cannot be located, the Gerhardt Gear Buyer shall be notified immediately, when material is ready for inspection (or, if practical, before that time,) the supplier shall notify the government representative who normally services its plant. Evidence of government inspection must be shown on all shipping document.
QAR105 Identification of Shelf Life Material – Supplier shall identify each item, package, or container of shelf life items with its cure or manufacture date, expiration date, and special storage and handling conditions in addition to the standard identification requirements.
QAR106 First Article Inspection – Upon initial production or any subsequent change to the engineering drawing revision level, the supplier shall perform a First Article Inspection. The first Article shall be done on one piece, representative of the production lot, and be documented on a report in the supplier’s own format. The report shall include actual dimensions and verification of all dimensions, drawing notes, bill of material requirements, processes and other characteristics contained on the engineering drawing. This report shall be approved by the supplier’s quality organization and shall be submitted with the shipment unless otherwise directed by the Gerhardt Gear Buyer.
QAR107 AS9102 – The supplier shall perform and document a complete First Article Inspection Report in accordance with AS9102 including 100% actual results of all characteristics per Blue Print or specification requirements. One copy of suppliers First Article Inspection Report shall be furnished to Gerhardt Gear along with the bubble drawing used to generated said report. The FAIR unit shall be delivered to Gerhardt Gear prior to the production shipment for FAIR evaluation of this Purchase Order / Contract.


Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

QAR108 Inspection Report – The supplier shall provide an Inspection Report identifying engineering requirements and actual. Use of Supplier or Gerhardt Gear Inspection Report is acceptable if all applicable characteristics are included in the report. One copy of the Inspection Report shall be furnished to Gerhardt Gear representing each manufacturing lot.
QAR109 100% Inspection – The supplier shall perform 100% inspection of the Gerhardt Gear noted characteristics, a record of the inspection results shall be provided to Gerhardt Gear, sampling inspection is not allowed.
QAR110 Chemical and Physical Test Report (Raw Material – Each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible and reproducible copy of all required chemical and physical test reports. The report shall contain the signature and title of the authorized representative of the agency performing the tests and must conform to specification requirements. The report shall reference the purchase order number. The raw material certification must be from the Original Raw Material (Mill House) along with the supplier’s certification of conformance
QAR111 Test Report – When functional or non-destructive tests are required by product specification or other procurement document, each shipment shall be accompanied by one legible and reproducible copy of reports of actual test results identifiable with the test parameters and products submitted. These reports shall contain the signature and title of the authorized representative of the agency performing the test and must conform to specification requirements.
QAR112 Mercury Free – The hardware covered by this purchase order is subject to the prohibition of mercury contamination. At no time shall the products come in direct contact with mercury or its compounds nor with any mercury containing device employing a single boundary. The requirement must be passed on to any subcontractors.
QAR113 Record Retention – All quality records related to products/or services are to be retained for a minimum of forty (40) years and must be traceable to the specific part number and shipment lot. Quality records developed to support a supplier’s quality system (not product related) should have the appropriate retention periods specified by the supplier in their procedures.
QAR114 Government Import/Export Regulations – The goods and data provided under this order may be subject to the provision of the Export Administration Act of 1979 (50 USC-2401-2420) and the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR 768-799) promulgated there under; the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (22 USC 2751-2779) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (22 CFR 120-128 and 130) promulgated there under; and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The parties acknowledge that these statutes and regulations impose restrictions on import, export, and transfer to third countries of certain categories of data and goods, and that licenses from the U.S. Department of State and/or U.S. Department of Commerce may be required before such goods and data can be provided hereunder, and that such licenses may impose further restrictions on use of such goods and data. Disclosure of such goods and data to foreign persons is subject to the above regulations regardless if the export occurs in the U.S. or abroad. Supplier agrees to comply with all U.S. Governmental regulations mentioned above as they related to the import, export, and re-export of goods and/or data, including, without limitation, the ITAR Registration requirements specified at 22 CFR 122.1
QAR115 Supplier Non-Conformance Approval Requests – Requests for any departures from drawings, specifications, or other purchase order requirements must be recorded and submitted in writing for consideration by Gerhardt Gear Quality and Planning Department.
QAR116 Notification Requirements – Gerhardt Gear requires written notification when any of the following condition occur:
- If supplier facility has a location and/or name change
- If there is a significant change of sub contractors
- If there are any changes that can impact goods delivery
- If there are changes to Key personnel, i.e., President, Director of Quality


Form 8.40-3 Rev B


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